Your Studio

The studio is located in a lovely rural artists ‘complex’. With a gallery, fabric shop, spinning and weaving supplier and cafe to enjoy if you arrive a little early, or simply want a little time to chill and relax after your experience. A train station and main bus line are also within comfortable walking distance.

You will love our shoot area, which is small enough not to feel daunting yet still allows us to create a wide range of images for you to choose from. Full air conditioning ensures you will remain comfortable during your session. There is a also a separate changing room where you will have you makeup done and a lounge with WI-fi should you bring along a friend. A shower and toilet are in the same location.

Your Photographer

I’m Baron and photography  was destined to be a part of my life before I was even born. You see photography was also my fathers passion, so perhaps it is no surprise he named me after Royal photographer Sterling Henry Nahum. Known only as Baron. While I have enjoyed many forms of photography over the years I found my home in boudoir. Maybe it is because I have always been outnumbered by the women in my life, which has helped in understanding the female perspective. I’m described as calm and laid back by the women who have worked with me, a temperament that helps in putting even the most nervous at ease during their boudoir portrait sessions. I’m also someone who loves exploring new styles and ideas, so if you want to try something a little different feel free to bring it up during our initial consultation.
While there are no firm rules on what should be called ‘Boudoir’ for me this style of photography is about women taking control of and defining their own femininity. For many this is their first chance to really express that soft sensual side of themselves. Making it a thrilling and liberating experience

Your Makeup Artist

We are lucky in having access to a number of talented and qualified hair and makeup artists. These include one running her own training academy and another who works in the  film and TV sector. We love all our trained makeup staff and know you will too. When you arrive they will sit down to discuss what style will suit you and they will be on hand during your shoot to touch up where needed and provide a female presence during the session.

With modern studio lighting we no longer need to use extra heavy makeup so why not treat yourself to an evening out after your shoot to make the most of your experience.