BOUDOIR FOR HIM Gift that special person in your life something they will treasure forever. You. A set of intimate boudoir images you can share together is the perfect way to show how much you care and trust them. BACK TO OVERVIEW BOUDOIR FOR HER Remind your lover just how much she means to you and how beautiful she really is. A boudoir shoot is the perfect surprise gift. The chance to remind her just how wonderful she can look. BOUDOIR FOR YOU It is your body. You do not need permission to look good or feel wonderful. A boudoir session is the perfect way to celebrate some special moment or simply a reminder to yourself that you are beautiful. HI, MY NAME IS Baron YOUR BOUDOIR PHOTOGRAPHER SOME OF MY WORK LAZY AFTERNOON PHOTOGRAPHY I love soft sultry shadows and muted tones that caress and enhance the female form. BE ANONYMOUS FLAUNT WHAT YOU LOVE Many clients have parts of their body they love or prefer to hide. We can do both and help ensure you have images you will truly love. BACK TO OVERVIEW DARE TO BARE YOU CAN DO IT How much or little you show is entirely your choice of course but may women say baring all was a life changing moment. WHAT I DO BOUDOIR STYLES TRADITIONAL + WEDDING + MATERNITY + COUPLES SHADES OF GREY + TO NUDE + EROTIC A photograph remembers little things, long after you have forgotten everything. A boudoir photograph captures a more intimate you. For some they are Images to be shared with those special friends and lovers. For others to adorn the walls of their home. A proud reminder this is their space, their rules. HIRE ME GET IN TOUCH NOW IS THE TIME You have come this far. The next step is only one more button press away. So press it. Lets have a chat about the style of shoot you want. Start the conversation INTRO MY PORTFOLIO ABOUT ME CONTACT

If not now when?

If you are considering a session for yourself there will always be a reason to prevaricate. A few more pounds to lose. That holiday tan to acquire. Some upcoming sale you hope will have that killer lingerie you simply love. The truth however is there is no better time than now.. You are beautiful. Remind yourself of that by taking the next step and booking a consultation. Or even better, book online now before another excuse comes to mind.

If this is a present for someone special you are making the perfect choice. A boudoir shoot will help remind them how great they can look and provide a set of intimate images you can enjoy together long after the session.

Had a great shoot with Baron at his studio the other day and can recommend him very highly.


I had a boudoir shoot with Baron earlier in the year. He was great to work with, made me feel very at ease and has a very nice studio!


Comfortable studio and very professional. Highly recommended.


Baron made me feel at ease and comfortable and was really professional. I thoroughly enjoyed the shoot and had fun.


For Him

Your boudoir session is the perfect way to create an intimate gift for that special person in your life.
  • A present to your future partner on your wedding day,
  • A celebration of some significant moment together.
  • A teasing reminder of you when away from home

For Her

Simply gifting the woman in your life a boudoir session is a gentle reminder you still find her beautiful.
  • It is a present both of you can share and enjoy for years to come
  • It is a great way to boost her confidence and bring back some spice to your relationship
  • It allows her the perfect excuse to by something special for the bedroom

For You!

Your body your rules. Modern women no longer feel the need to look good for men. They look good for themselves
  • Remind yourself you still ‘have it’ no matter what your age
  • Have something special to share with your partner or very close friends
  • Celebrate some milestone in your life

Be Anonymous

Tease your Friends

Keep them guessing with evocative images that hide the identity. Friends may suspect but will they dare to ask?


Reasons to Book

A gift for the man in your life

A gift for the woman in your life

A special anniversary

A life goal achieved

Moving on from a relationship

Before the start of Motherhood

Choose a style

Munroe White sheets

Dark and edgy

50 Shades

Dare to bare

Maternity memories

Couples confidential